GIV Solutions was established in 2001 under the leadership of Meir Givon, the founder and president of GIV Solutions. Since then it has achieved consistently significant growth.

Our core expertise lies in creating, integrating, and supporting cutting-edge software solutions for asset-intensive organizations. We partner with global renowned platforms known for their industry-leading capabilities, to ensure that our customers achieve their goals and enhance their business processes and efficiency through best practices.

GIV Solutions offers high added value to asset-intensive organizations by providing innovative digital solutions to various industries, including cities, transportation, trains and rails, tunnels, campuses, real estate, factories, and many more. Transforming you into the future.

Our dedication to excellence and reliability has been acknowledged through many ongoing long-term partnerships and returning customers. GIV Solutions has been honored with numerous prizes for our outstanding solutions and ongoing “outstanding innovation company”.


Strategic Global Partners

Hexagon  ALI – Premiere Channel partner:  Hexagon EAM

Flyability  – Gold Channel partner

Technology Partners: Microsoft, SAP Business one, Priority


Meir Givon  – Chairman and President

Yossi Efroni  – CEO

Billy Givon  – Senior Vice President for Human Resources

Yaron Rapaport  – Senior Vice President for Solutions and Technologies

Tsahi Hadar  – Senior Vice President for R&D

Yair Cohen  – Senior Vice President for Operations and Projects

Tom Givon  – Vice President for Solutions and Marketing

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Our Values

Customer-Centric Excellence:

The cornerstone of our values is a relentless commitment to our customers’ success. Meeting deadlines, SLA requirements and maintaining the highest standards and attentiveness during the design,implementation and support phases are our DNA and commitment.

Industry Insight:

We give more than IT; we comprehend the core business subjects and competitive edge and differentiation in the industry because of the smart and flexible solutions and the best practices of GIV Solutions’ methodologies. We provide strategic guidance, consulting, through implementation and integration to align our solutions with the specific requirements of each industry with long-term support.

Long-Term Partnerships:

Our dedication to excellence and reliability has fostered enduring partnerships. Over the years, our partners and customers have consistently recognized our best practices. We are grateful for our numerous long-term collaborations and the accolades we’ve received for our exceptional solutions and steadfast support.

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Our Vision

GIV Solutions envisions a future where asset-intensive organizations harness the power of smart digital tools to manage their core business, resources and processes, with remarkable efficiency and sustainability. This involves seamless information sharing among various departments, coupled with a proactive and predictive approach to managing risks. Our mission is to be at the forefront of this transformation and long-term improvement in different industries, providing specific solutions and steadfast support at every stage.


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