Built upon more than 30 years of experience and continuous innovation, HxGN EAM (formerly Infor EAM) gives you all the tools you need to help solve your critical asset performance challenges. HxGN EAM is an industry-leading, strategic enterprise asset management solution that empowers you to increase the efficiency of your assets — today and tomorrow.

With HxGN EAM (formerly part of Infor), you get all of the tools you need to help solve your critical asset performance challenges. From asset structure and work orders to mobile, barcoding and GIS or BIM capabilities, Hexagon’s enterprise asset management provides the information you need — as you need it— to make better, more strategic decisions that extend asset life, increase safety and improve profitability.

HxGN Mobile

Enable workers to harness HxGN EAM’s functionality on a powerful mobile platform. Access, capture and manage information directly from the job
site or service location. This results in higher productivity and more effective decision-making. HxGN EAM Mobile is licensed by device to support shared devices within a facility or crew.


Create and manage project data with an intelligent, 3D-model-based, process building information modeling (BIM) tool. BIM gives architecture, engineering and construction professionals data access and tools that can help them more efficiently plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure.


Access and mark-up drawings within HxGN EAM. Calculate floor space using predefined industry standards. Save time by building your asset registry and creating assets in HxGN EAM directly from drawings.


Leverage HxGN EAM’s intuitive interface and seamless GIS integration to easily pinpoint assets and access critical information prior to servicing. You can also streamline workflows on widely dispersed equipment and create a consolidated, easy-to-access view of asset location and history. This all adds up to increased workforce efficiency and lower costs.

HxGN Calibration

Track calibration data for equipment categories, assets, systems and positions. Define test- point data and associate test-point sets with work orders and preventive maintenance work orders.