The key to successful organizational change and IT solution implementation lies in effectively managing the transition, equipping staff with the necessary skills, and seamlessly integrating these changes within the organization.

At GIV Solutions, we offer our clients a multi-faceted approach that combines expert consulting with practical solutions for businesses embarking on transformative journeys or implementing new systems. Our services, led by Billy Givon, are founded on established methodologies that prioritize seamless integration throughout the organization.

The GIV Solutions approach to training and assimilation draws from a diverse array of disciplines, including management, instructional design, system analysis, organizational behavior, and educational psychology.


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Our comprehensive services include:

  • Management of application and process assimilation.
  • Training and assimilation of software applications and technologies.
  • Development and management of organizational training programs, spanning from requirements definition to training methodology development, ongoing guidance, assessments, and effectiveness reviews.
  • Development and management of guidance programs, encompassing training approaches and preparation.
  • Train-the-trainer program development to empower trainers within the organization.
  • Directing and advising training groups.
  • Managerial coaching.
  • Development of teaching units featuring various methods, including individual learning, computer-based training, class-based training, and group-oriented training.


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