GIV Solutions’ strategic consulting services focus on the connection between business goals, specific goals & destination, business processes, and organizational structure & culture.

Those strategic factors directly influence the IT & data needs, IT management approach (including designing & developing work orders), budgets, IT organizational structure and change management.

The consulting service we provide includes business activity planning, Business Process Management, communications & applications Management, change management.

In addition, GIV Solutions also provides:

• Mapping of organizational needs.

• System design & analysis

• Planning IT masterplans.

•  Developing multi-year work plans.

• Writing & distributing IT & hardware tenders.

• Supervising implementation & assimilation of applications according to business processes.

• Consulting & guidance on adjusting the systems for all levels in the organization.

GIV Solutions has a unique ability to provide comprehensive services- methods, change processes for any organization, an ability that demonstrates the unique flexibility and professionalism of GIV Solutions.

Meir Givon, CEO & founder of GIV Solutions, personally supervises all of the IT & organizational consulting projects.

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