Smart City Management

Modern cities and municipal leaders face significant challenges, from managing vast amounts of data and integrating diverse technologies to handling complex budget plans, services, cross-organizational processes, and enhancing citizens’ satisfaction. As the volume of tasks and data continues to surge, adopting a cutting-edge management solution becomes crucial.

GIV-CITY™ offers a powerful and holistic management system – the digital brain and beating heart of the smart city. By consolidating disparate data sources into a single unified platform, GIV-CITY™ ensures seamless communication and compatibility among different systems and devices. It empowers city officials to collaborate, make timely, data-driven decisions, minimize risks, and continuously improve management processes and government transparency. The system promotes a high level of service to citizens and improves their quality of life and overall satisfaction.

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Unique Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive City Management: GIV-CITY™ oversees the management of all municipality utilities, infrastructure, city events, and services, including monitoring and management of asset inventory, projects, fleet management, engineering and maintenance, contractor activity, quality assurance, Local Governance and regulations, sanitation, traffic, public institutes, property, energy, water, billing, payments, and more.
  • SLA management Ensures the highest safety and best service level for users. For any element of the service, the system manages service codes, actions required, time response, safety instructions, KPI, and automatic Payment adjustment in case of deviation from the SLA.
  • Best Practice: The system includes best practice data formats, attributes, and processes for best city management operations and maintenance.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Foster well-informed decision-making and seamless collaboration by facilitating real-time data sharing among control centers, managers, engineers, logistics, finance, maintenance, safety, contractors, employees, and citizens.
  • Cross-Organizational Efficiency: Streamline integration across various lifecycle phases and cross-organization processes.
  • Proactive Monitor & Processes: Predict and prevent damage, increasing safety through proactive processes, utilizing sensors, cameras, IoT-driven inspections, controls, monitoring, and alerts.
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Technology Highlights:

  • Incorporating the Hexagon EAM platform
  • Digital Twin – DIGITAL DATA: Enhance innovation and technologies by integrating SCADA, BIM, ortho photo, and positioning, with the support of GIS, Open CAD, and 3D models.
  • Continuous Process Improvement: Harness insights from rule-based systems, AI, and machine learning to continually enhance processes.
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Holistic Solution for Cities

GIV-CITY™ not only provides a comprehensive solution for city management but also facilitates long-term planning and improvement. By integrating real-time sensor data, GIS, and advanced mapping technologies (CAD, BIM), GIV-CITY™ oversees the entire city lifecycle – from initial planning and implementation to the management of projects, activities, and permits. The platform facilitates surveys and informed decision-making, promoting responsible resource use and contributing to eco-friendly and resilient urban environments. Tailored to meet the unique needs and objectives of cities and municipalities, GIV-CITY™ ensures a seamless, efficient, safe, cost-effective, and sustainable urban experience.

GIV-CITY™ – The Digital Brain and Empowering Heart of the Smart City.

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