Property Management Solution

Effectively managing Real-Estate projects, operations, maintenance, and tenants involves tackling substantial challenges, including tenant turnover and expensive maintenance tasks. From project initiation, construction, and rehabilitation to tenant lifecycles and services, a smart digitalization process is essential to successfully enhance tenant satisfaction and boost revenue.

GIV-ESTATE™ revolutionizes property management with a holistic and flexible platform that covers all aspects of your projects. From suppliers and contractors to customer contracts, tenant and leasing processes, capital project planning, budgeting, billing, collection, resident services, full Asset life cycle management with 3D and 2D drawings, and more — GIV-ESTATE™ covers it all.

The GIV-ESTATE™ solution not only saves time and reduces costs but also minimizes risks, providing you with greater control over your properties and real estate projects.

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Unique Features and Benefits

  • Tenant and Leasing Process Management: Streamline operations at every project stage with seamless tenant management. From leads to active tenants and end of rental, including tenant portals. Resulting in improved tenant satisfaction.
  • Comprehensive Project Oversight: Cover the entire project lifecycle, from initiation to execution. For construction projects, urban renewal, rehabilitation processes, private and public rentals, maintenance, services, and selling.
  • Full Digitalization of Processes: End-to-end digital processes, including digital contracts for different land uses (commerce, residence, etc.), financial management, electronic signatures, billing, and collection engine by different parameters, and payment reminders.
  • Streamlined Asset Management: Easily maintain and manage real estate assets for optimal condition. Including asset resource planning and optimization, procurement, utility, and inventory management.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Promote well-informed decision-making and seamless collaboration with instant data sharing among managers, employees, and tenants.
  • Holistic Business Intelligence: Integrate economic, engineering, service, maintenance, and logistic aspects for comprehensive decision-making.
  • SLA management for the highest safety and best service level for users. for any element of the service, the system manages service codes, actions required, time response, safety instructions, KPI and automatic Payment adjustment in case of deviation from the SLA.
  • Proactive Issue Prevention: Predict and prevent damage, casualties, and potential issues through proactive processes, utilizing sensors, cameras, IoT-driven inspections, controls, monitoring, and proactive alerts.
  • Cross-Organizational Efficiency: Streamline integration across various lifecycle phases and processes.
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Technology Highlights:

  • Incorporating the Hexagon EAM platform
  • Digital Twin – DIGITAL DATA: Enhance innovation and technologies by integrating to Building Management system, SCADA, BIM, ortho photo, and positioning, with the support of GIS, Open CAD, and 3D models and other IoT or real time monitoring system, for structure health monitoring, faults early detection, and predictive maintenance.
  • Continuous Process Improvement: Harness insights derived from rule-based systems, Personalized Operational BI, AI, and machine learning to continually enhance processes.
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GIV-ESTATE™ – Property Success

GIV-ESTATE™ offers a comprehensive solution for your property management and business growth. Adapting to diverse needs and project stages, it seamlessly integrates with other systems, ensuring smooth and sustainable operations. By enabling informed decision-making and continual process improvements, GIV-ESTATE™ promotes high-level service, reduces operational and maintenance costs, and ensures the success and profitability of your real estate project — a true business differentiator.

Among our satisfied customers are over 20,000 public apartment rentals, university dormitories, malls, shops, and dozens of elderly-supported living.

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