To run a Smart City means to use and operate the infrastructure and resources in the most efficient way, so they will always be in the best condition well main tend and safe. In addition, control and monitoring solutions are used to provide the appropriate services to citizens to achieve their satisfaction and wellbeing and ensure ongoing improvement.

GIV-CITY™ Operation & Maintenance management system, Incorporating the Hexagon EAM platform, handles the Smart City activities & infrastructures management providing:

  • Decisions based on data & rules.
  • Single Data Item is introduced once, filtered, and used everywhere required.
  • Sharing Real-Time Data between Managers, employees, and Tenants.
  • Constant improvement of processes & rules.
  • Proactive processes based on inspections, monitoring & alerts.
  • BI operations & decisions that integrate economically, engineering, service, maintenance & logistic aspects.
  • Integration of lifecycle phases and Cross-Organization processes.
  • Enabling Change Management Procedures in a timely manner.

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