GIV Solutions is the sole distributor and authorized  reseller in Israel of Flyability drones, providing the Elios 2 and 3 drones , Inspector 3.0 software and all Flyability solutions.

The Elios drones and the Inspector software from Flyability can be used for a variety of ad-hoc inspection and imaging applications, in many industries.

Furthermore, by utilizing the integration to the smart assets solution of GIV Solutions with the HxGN EAM platform, it also becomes the cutting edge solution for systematic, constant and repetitive asset inspection.

Using the remote digital high tech robotic sensing device, operators are  able to reach any point that is ,  inaccessible, unreachable, dangerous or risky for humans.

By allowing drones to be used safely inside buildings, or in short proximity to assets, it enables industrial companies and inspection professionals to reduce downtime, inspection costs, and risks to workers. With hundreds of customers in over 50 countries in power generation, oil & gas, chemicals, maritime, infrastructures & utilities, and public safety, Flyability has pioneered and continues to lead the innovation in the commercial indoor drone space.

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Elios 3

Much more than a flying camera, Elios 3 is a powerful data-harvesting tool.

Relying on the power of computer vision and LiDAR mapping, Elios 3 is a versatile indoor drone opening doors to a world where performing systematic inspections does not require months of training, reporting is done intuitively on a 3D model of your asset, and situational awareness is built into the piloting app.

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Elios 3 RAD

Instant reading. No exposure.

Get an instant reading of current and cumulative dose rate along with max recorded value and measurement history to understand measurement trends and help you find high radiation sources.

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Elios 2

Perform safe, fast and cost effective inspections, with Elios 2 – an intuitive, reliable and precise indoor inspection drone

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Range Extender

Deploy the Range Extender easily everywhere and keep control of Elios beyond obstacles.

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Visualize, localize, and document your inspections with Inspector 4. An easy-to-use software solution developed to allow asset operators to make fast, data-driven decisions.

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