Bridge Management Solution

GIV-BMS™ presents an efficient and sustainable bridge management, operations, and maintenance system, offering transportation authorities a comprehensive solution for structure registry, monitoring, and maintenance management. This empowers authorities to strategically allocate budgets, addressing deteriorating and underperforming structures within their infrastructure inventory while enhancing safety and reducing operational and maintenance costs. GIV-BMS™ can be installed and operated as a standalone solution or as a vital component of the integrated GIV-RMS™ for Transportation Infrastructure O&M organizations.

GIV-BMS™ enables various methods for engineering surveys, seamless data uploads, and data-driven decisions for bridge and structure maintenance. The system complies with British (CSS), Chinese, and Israeli standards.

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Unique Features and Benefits

  • Streamlined Road Structures Asset Management: Effortlessly maintain and oversee assets, including bridges, tunnels, culverts, retaining walls, gantries, and road infrastructures to preserve their optimal condition.
  • Real-Time Infrastructure Maintenance: Monitor and manage bridge-related events and associated resources. Mobile, tablets, and drones allow for on-the-go monitoring.
  • Execution of Treatment Models: Implement treatment models as defined by engineering and maintenance managers to optimize budget allocation.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Foster well-informed decision-making and seamless collaboration by facilitating instant data sharing among managers, engineers, and employees.
  • Proactive Issue Prevention: Predict and prevent damage, casualties, and potential issues through proactive processes, utilizing sensors, cameras, IoT-driven inspections, controls, monitoring, and alerts.
  • Cross-Organizational Efficiency: Streamline integration across various lifecycle phases and processes.
  • RAMS BI Analytics: Utilize Reliability, Availability, Maintainability & Safety analytics for dynamic and optimal maintenance planning.
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Technology Highlights:

  • Hexagon EAM platform
  • Digital Twin – DIGITAL DATA: Enhance innovation and technologies by integrating BIM, ortho photo, and positioning, with the support of GIS, Open CAD, and 3D models.
  • Continuous System Improvement: Harness insights derived from rule-based systems, AI, and machine learning to continually enhance processes.
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GIV-BMS™ – Bridge Resilience

The solution is enhanced with the ability to automate and integrate inspections digitally with Mobile and drones through GIV-InspectionTech™. It provides an end-to-end digital process for asset data, asset inspection, visual and model data with defect data, engineering indexes, conclusions, and recommendations. Designed for engineering and safety surveys of bridges and generating up-to-date status reports through bridge mapping.

The GIV-BMS™ system provides not only comprehensive maintenance but also long-term planning and improvement. It manages the entire lifecycle of bridges and road infrastructures, from initial planning and implementation to work permits, traffic arrangements, quality control, and work safety management. With GIS, 2D and 3D mapping (CAD, BIM), and RAMS analytics capabilities, GIV-BMS™ ensures dynamic and optimal maintenance planning. Additionally, it facilitates the seamless integration of sensor data to detect faults and degradation in real-time. By enabling engineering surveys and informed decision-making, GIV-RMS™ enhances safety and reduces operational and maintenance costs, ensuring your bridges remain safe, efficient, and resilient.

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