Smart Indoor Inspections

GIV-Inspection-Tech™ integrates proven cutting-edge technologies to inspect challenging indoor environments. Together with Flyability’s Elios drones, advanced imaging, and inspection technologies, it delivers a comprehensive solution —condition-based, prescriptive maintenance system that enhances engineering, maintenance, surveying, and upkeep while adhering to CSS standards for roads and railways structures.

Specifically crafted for complex internal inspections in confined spaces, the Elios drone excels at scanning, mapping, and surveying industrial buildings, tanks, tunnels, road tunnels, and more, eliminating the need for unsafe crew and workers entry. This new digital tool boosts efficiency, saving valuable time, but also minimizes the risks associated with conventional surveys.

Integrated into GIV Solutions’ Bridge Management System – GIV-BMS™, GIV-Inspection-Tech™ optimizes maintenance management throughout the asset’s lifecycle: on-condition maintenance, predictive maintenance, asset data management, inspections, performance monitoring, work management, GIS, BI reporting, and more. It offers an end-to-end digital process — from collecting site inspection data to processing, analytics, engineering reports, condition evaluation, and replenishment recommendations.

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Unique Features and Benefits:

  • Enhanced Safety: Eliminates the need for inspectors to enter unsafe areas.
  • Time Efficiency: Drastically reduces inspection time.
  • Cost-Effective: Lowers costs, requires fewer personnel, allows for flexible traffic arrangements, and simplifies logistics.
  • Comprehensive Data Generation: Produces 4k video recordings and high-resolution still images with RGB camera, thermal camera recordings and LiDAR recordings.
  • Digital Twin: Generates high-density point cloud map and 3D models of the inspected asset and environments.
  • Digital Engineering Reports: Measure cracks and damages with advanced and precise digital tools to achieve digital insights and create accurate engineering reports.
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The GIV-Inspection-Tech™ solution offers more than new and effective digital tools; it provides a comprehensive and efficient process for maintenance management. By integrating drone inspections with camera and LiDAR sensor data to precisely detect faults and degradation reports, it enhances safety, reduces operational and maintenance costs, and ensures that your structures and elements remain safe, efficient, and resilient.

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